Regula Da Spectacula a.k.a Afam Okpala a veteran rapper/singer born and bred in coal city Nigeria.
 He went into the music at a very young age and has been at it for 16 years.
 Started with the first rap group in naija Nigerian Rap Syndicate (N.R.S),repped side by side with Obiwon and Illbliss(dat ibo boy)
 His singing style emulates that of the late Nate Dogg apparently was his Role model.
 His style however is down south compton.
 He also created a group in the late 90's with Slowdogg, Da real macoy (Maco Picaso) and Dodge called Mad stylz Corporation
 He is currently working on his album titled 'Da next Phaze' and a mixtape With Praph & Mistabooks due December.
  A proud parent of 7 Yr old son Andre a.k.a Dre apparently named after the famous U.S producer Dr. Dre following his footsteps.
 We will surely be seeing more of him soon.

Regula's Pictures