This is the official maxibeats Fan Club page formerly known as E-team. If you like the idea of supporting new talents then this place is for you. If we all come together in this place we can make the Artists that are promoted in this site famous. Only your support and commitment will make this happen.

Its up to you to choose who you want to be a star.

Our artists will be listed soon with there hit tracks and each fan will choose in order of priority who is the best.

The poll will be cast and the winner will be sponsored to a record deal for one album.

This is the fans choice alone.

Keep checking back for details.

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  we have no sponsors we work independently to make Artist who have good talent but low finaces to be heard and these can be finacially challenging most times. 
  If you can help us with any donation whatsoever we will surely appreciate it.

  You can donate by clicking the ''make a donation'' link below.its paypal so its guaranteed safe.

  Thank You

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